This is the official web site of Horcon , a little balneary town in Chile. You can enjoy all we offer here , be a member of our comunity , or solving any question you want. Turism section: Horcon is a town ubicated into a little and protected bay that looks to the north point , it has a beach on the fishing zone and no doubt that is the most quaintness balneary of all the central seaboard in Chile, join the Fishermen Village, where live artesans and artists who have made this in a magical place. The turists who visite the zone don't abandonate the fishing zone slum without visit it's atractive handfull. All the handfull is made in Horcon, the place where live 38 handfullers from different zones of our country and the foreign too. Horcon has with the follow beachs: "Caucau", "Playa Larga", "El Claron"," Las Agatas", "La Luna"," Los Tebos", "El Tebo" and" La Caleta de los Pescadores". The weekends, its peaceful and relaxed life, of this Horcon, it's seen interrumped by the massive movements of tourists and friends who go to buy sea food and fresh fish, visit restaurants , and of course the handfull market too, who always has atratctive things for children and cultural shows. So Horcon has win a privilegied position in the international turism. Horcon is situated in South American Continent in the centarl coast of Chile and from Santiago, its capital , there's no more than two hours to arrive, and it's one of the latest fishing zones where still is used the old rudamentary fishing style, and it's a place without a similar and it's a forced point to visit for the foreign tourist all the year. We must visit Hocon ? 1. Cause it has an typical architectury , where the houses are made on the hills, it poses a principal street who in both sides are ubicated the hoses who habite the people and carry us diectly to the fishing zone. 2. Cause its beautiful and peaceful beachs are able to practice swim, fishing and inclusive parachute 3. Because it has one of the handfull markets very typical of the zone with a great variety of products made totally at hand. 4. Cause it has a lot of alternatives of hosting. 5. Cause it has restaurants for all the prices and with a enjoyable variety of sea foods and fishes reciently catched from the place. 6.- Cause is less of 90 minutes from Santiago and half past hour from Viña del Mar. 7. Cause its a place with an extraordinary beatifull. Principally, the Cau-Cau beach has fine and white sands among eucalipt forests and protected by tiny hills , it's one of the most wonderfull beach from all central coast of Chile. For many people , the hollydyas are the period of the year more awaited, so they save money exclusively for have a very good vacations. From century beginnings , the balnearies of the seaboard recieve to the tourists ; at the beginning , only were people of the zone, then arrived from the board towns; today arrive visitants from all around the world. Because of the good weather and the proximity with the biggest urban centers of the country, in our seaboard has been developed the principal and more visted balnearies of Chile. In the photo , the picture is ubicated at the first terrestral point, side south-west of the Caleta Horcon beach, and its access either difficult is possible to arrive. This place marks the limit beetween the fishing zone and the Cau-Cau beach. How to arrive? Horcon is situated at 44 kms. at the north of Viña del Mar and to 163 to the NorthEast of Santiago. Starting from the capital (Santiago) it takes the 68 way who takes you to Viña del Mar, then passed the police station from Lago Peñuelas , is must turn to the right to a way to Con-Con/Puerto ventanas. Then of leave Con-Con and in the Quintero's cruise way (way to right hand musn't be token) you must go on into the north until arrive to another cruise at a way wher the left side is must to take that makes you arrive to Ventanas, passing through this town you can arrive to Horcon. Compact video featuring Caleta Horcon : If these pictures and words are not convencing you , see our compact video featuring the qualities of Horcon , who is our presentation card at multimedia , with an excelent audio , video and production quality. See our video of Caleta Horcon , click here to download it : Horcon's handfull market : An forced point to visit at caleta Horcon its the "Feria de Artesanos" , an handfull market with more than 20 shops with different styles and material made totally at hand and those are exclusive pieces with a great beautiful. Here is a little demo from a pair of these artists in wood and silver as an example , the idea is seduce you for you know it personally. Ruta del Corsario: 23 KMS at the Horcon's north and 16 KMS from Santiago, the Quintero balneary seaport recieves with enjoyable beachs ans sports that are extended until Ritoque , far away is Horcon, with handful and fishers , at the north is the Aguas Blancas beach. The entire route includes Quintero, Ventanas, Horcón, Zapallar, Papudo, La Ligua Puchuncavi and Nogales , travel through beachs and practicing sports as fishing and parachute , among others ( at the left mapa is shown as blue the Ruta del Corsario , click over the picture for amply it ). Cau-Cau beach: The Cau-cau beach , that in Mapuche means "Big Gull " is considerated as one of the beatiest beach of the central bay of Chile , who is one of the more actractive things of Caleta Horcon and this is only produced by: * Fine, cleaned and white beachs * An amply beach zone * Free from pollution * Able to swim and play beach games * There's so much forests with eucalpitus and pine . * So close to big civil centers *Protected by hills The Access: Is possible arrive at Cau-cau by the principal way that take us to the Caleta Horcon and before to arrive to this we must turn at the left side ( at 100 mts before the fishing zone) where its street has the same name of the beach , there are a rised ascent (asphalted from few years) but then it's normal. You must walk a 500 mts lot and the way is divided in 3 parts (if you don't wish to pay parking ; that point is where you can you can leave the car) . To carry on with the course we must take the middle route , and at the left side we'll find an private parking. A little more there it's the pedestrian way (we don't reomend follow more at there cause its a way without exit and hard to turn) at this altitude now is possible see the signboard where the peatonal way is indicated that he is long and narrow. When little walking by this close way we will find enough and lofty steps, the access to the beach properly so is not simple coverall to the return, but this is so little when appreciating the beauty of the place; surrounded by forests of pine and eucalyptuses that perfume the place. There are another accesses to the beach; one of them by the South side and another one by the North side that counts on an elevator, ideal for persons with health troubles and people of the third age. Lamentably it is of a private pertaining to a condominium, however, the law establishes clearly that the accesses to the beach on the part of proprietors who surround a beach are forced to give released access to this (problems this in balancing the right to the private property and the right to accede the beach). The beach: When running into with the white and fine sand in whose horizon the "Isla de los Lobos " (Island of the Wolves) can be appreciated; famous by its shipwrecks and the lives of fishermen who have received during years. The beach thisdivided naturally in two parts (by lot of rocks that fall from the cliff towards the sea, which they are not great impediment to cross from a side to another one). By the right flank (North) the beach is ample and their apt waters to swim, exist zones games and to take Sun without being bothered. But towards the north is little and given shelter rocky sector where semi exists one cave and but there is not possible to arrive until the creek, but he is not recommendable to do given it the dangerous hard and of the passage. By the left flank (South) it is located immediately skillfully Recover "Caballito de Mar" (Sea horse) of great fame by its applied sauces plates of fish and seafood, and is taken care of sincerely by its owner ; of an excellent food level and good beautifully decorated infrastructure with own style, counts as much on tables inside as in a terrace that harmonizes with the place. Little but to the south we found the roquerios with an access to continue the long walk to the South sector of the beach that is little but not less beautiful, to be center of polemic by the naked swimers that see sometimes but that mainly they have changed to "Playa Luna" (Beach Moon). In this Beach sector Cau Cau the sea is a little but rebellious and the waves of greater height nevertheless there is people who prefer east place to be but given shelter and less concurred than the North side. But towards the south of the beach grpups of rocks begins one long that demonstrate of a beach startin' to be formated, that is delight of mariscadores and hikers, and much but there this "Punta Fraile" (End Friar), famous by its stories and legend, being the near point but between the continent and the Isla de los Lobos. One says that there is a point of this place where people voices are listened to requesting aid. The Summer: In high season the beach Cau Cau very turns out to be concurred but this fact note in the same beach then their great dimensions difficult get to fill it, reason why could to add this excellent speciality to this beach and being known that if leaves its house to enjoy Cau Cau it does not have to worry about not finding place to tend. In this time it has a series of elements to the tourist in summer as they are it: life-guard with sico equipment of salvataje, leasing of parasols, chairs, balls of volleyball, soccer, trowels, etc. And we have the operation of chemical WCs and a little shop provided well, of but this to mention the operation of the only reduced of the place in all the year. Perhaps one of the few disadvantages that come to short while is the strong wind that takes place sometimes raising to the fine sand hits disagreeably in the face. Its Visitors: Peculiarly in beach Cau Cau (and Horcon in general) they coexist in perfect armony people of very diverse economic social levels, this is quite peculiar and rare, but yet with the antecedent that Chile is one of the countries that it leads in bad distribution of the income (very few gain much and many gain little) A little History: Cau Cau in decades happened was scene of the hippie movement with bonfires that followed long nights and beach was not rare in the heat of to see pairs practicing "the Free Love", even to total light of day. On the other hand, he was time of gold of the nudismo to the best style of the "White Popcorn" ( the tittle of a book). It was too scene of ecological disasters since in the Isla de los Lobos (Island of the Wolves,in front of the beach) it made run aground to several navies, (already of this several decades) a one of them oil tanker -freight-carrying that crude flare hundreds of liters of on the beach covering all the sector. I delay decades in cleaning itself and although today practly the beach does not have pollution some, thing that is enough to say. Here you can see more of history Horcon the Creek in the "Historia" ( History) section pressing here. The Chilean Law: Powerful and always Accumulated they have tried to get itself of so paradisiaca beach, turning it in an exclusive and deprived beach, using diverse mechanisms like making difficult to the access to the place , raising to walls and even high walls (even exists one that is dumb and shameful testimony of that times. This immense wall is located to a flank of the artisan fair). Another effective legal problem and even to be the nudality that to caused even the arrest of some of its medical instructors. Note: All the photos that appear are expandable when left pressing button of mouse upon them. "Caballo de mar" ("Horse of Sea"): Caballo de Mar is the only restoran of Cau-Cau beach , learning of its appetizing subjects of gossip of fish and followed seafood of its exclusive rights and secret investigations sauces clickin' here.